Educational Schemes

ADMISSION OF Scheduled Caste students to Ramakrishna Ashrama School, Mysore


In order to encourage bright SC boys, the social welfare department is sponsoring them to study at some prestigious Educational institutes like Shri Ramakrishna Vidyashala, Mysore and Janaseva vidya Kendra at Chennenahally. This scheme of sponsoring meritorious students to Ramakrishna Vidyashala started in1981 itself initially with 10 students and presently each year a total of 25 SC students are sponsored to 8th, 9th and 10th standards by the Social Welfare Department. In the year 1999-2000 more Residential Schools namely Janaseva vidya Kendra, Chennenahalli, Bangalore and also J.S.S Residential school in Suttur Nanjangud taluk have also been taken.   But during 2004-05, J.S.S. Residential School cancelled the residential facility in that school and now that school is not providing this scheme.


Ramakrishna Vidyashala is a residential composite secondary school and pre-university college for boys. It is run by Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama a branch of Ramakrishna Math. The Residential school campus is located in an extensive area of 67 acres, amidst lush green vegetation, gardens and orchards. The campus contains all facilities for students like parade grounds, a stadium, 20 playgrounds to play football, volleyball, basketball etc, a gymnasium, an Astronomical Observatory, swimming pool, open air stage etc.

The college/school buildings have very spacious classrooms, laboratories, Library, a large prayer hall etc. The Hostels are very well equipped with good Infrastructure.

The other two schools mentioned above also have very good Infrastructure development and good coaching is imparted to the students.


The main objective of the scheme is to give the students an education which helps them to develop an integrated personality with sound mind and body, to develop clean and disciplined habits and to get good moral and spiritual training. The fee structure in these Institutes is very expensive and therefore bright SC students who cannot afford to pay such high fees are given a chance to study in them by the Government.

In Ramakrishna Vidyashala admissions are opened to VIII Std. for boys only. Every year, during the first week of April, the Institution will hold entrance test for admission to VIII Std.. The minimum marks prescribed are 60% i.e. first class in VII Std.. The test for SC candidates sponsored by the Social Welfare Department will be conducted along with other general students

In Jana Sevavidya Kendra students are admitted from V Std. itself after an entrance examination.
Documents Required

Admissions to VIII Std. is done after the procurement of VII std. Marks card with a minimum of first class marks. Similarly, for admission to V Std. IV std. marks card has to be produced.

Whom to Approach

All The DSWO's and TSWO's are responsible for giving publicity to the scheme. The candidates interested in getting sponsored by the Social Welfare Department must approach the DSWO's office for obtaining the application forms. The completed application forms are scrutinized by the DSWO's and according to merit only two Scheduled Caste and 2 Scheduled Tribe, a total of 4 candidates are selected for writing the entrance examination. Preference is given to children of parents who are engaged in unclean occupation.

An official of the District Social Welfare Office in each district takes the candidates to the schools for appearing in the entrance test. The student's traveling and boarding expenses are also met by the Social Welfare Department.  

During 2005-06 of the 47 candidates who appeared for the entrance test at Ramakrishna Vidyashala, 8 candidates were selected for admission to VIII Std. For admission to VIII Std. the strength of outgoing students in X Std. is taken into account. The total strength of SC sponsored students for VIII, IX and X std's combined is 25 only..

Time Schedule

Admission to the schools takes place in first week of May annually.

Authorities to be approached in case of delay

The Directorate of Social Welfare, Bangalore can be intimated in case of any delay or complaints.