Educational Schemes

Title of the Scheme



This is a new scheme started in the current financial year, i.e. 2001-02. This scheme helps to encourage and provide financial assistance to SC students who pursue higher education in Foreign Universities. Total income from all sources of the employed candidate or his / her parents /guidelines should not exceed Rs. 12,000/- per month as certified by the employer.  A copy of the latest tax assessment is also enclosed with application.


The Government of Karnataka will bear the following expenses of the students who pursue higher studies in Foreign Universities, subject to a maximum of Rs. 10 lakhs per year, limiting to Rs.3.5 lakhs per year.

a. Air fare in Indian Airlines in economy class only will be given once for traveling to the University after admission and again while returning after completing the studies.

b. The Tuition fees and other compulsory fees, expenditure on books, stationary etc will be paid by the Government.

c. The boarding and lodging charges incurred during the student's stay abroad is also paid by the Government of Karnataka.

So far, 31 candidates have been selected under this scheme for studying abroad from the financial  year 2001-02 to 2005-06


The following conditions apply for getting eligibility in order to obtain the Foreign Scholarships

1. The student should be a permanent resident of Karnataka State and should belong to the Scheduled Caste.

2. The Student must have passed his University Degree / P.G. with minimum of 60% of marks to become eligible. Secondly, he must have obtained admission in a reputed Foreign University .  

3. Preference is given to Rank holders and merit.

4. If two eligible students have the same marks or rank, then preference is given to the student, who is elder of the two.

5. The student must be below 35 years, as from the date of commencement of the course/ studies applied for and duly authorised as per list enclosed. 

Documents Required

The following documents have to be produced to the Social Welfare Department along with the completed application form.

1. Caste certificate.

2. Caste validity certificate furnished by District Social Welfare Officer.

3. Degree / Post Graduation Certificates and Marks Card

4. Rank certificates have to be produced in case the candidate is a rank holder.

5. Admission letters or documents giving details of the University, expenditure during the stay etc has to be furnished.

6. The selected candidate is required to execute a bond on non-Judicial stamp paper before a notary public with two sureties who will execute surety bonds separately.  However the persons having land / site property should only stand as sureties. should give an undertaking on Rs. 50.00 Stamp paper stating that in case he discontinues his studies, he has to pay back to the Government, the expenses incurred on his behalf.

7. The student has to produce a certificate stating that he does not have any family member residing in the same country where he wishes to pursue his education.

Whom to Approach

The Directorate of Social Welfare, Bangalore-1.

Selection Procedure- The candidates have to submit their completed application form along with all the required document to the Directorate of Social welfare, Bangalore . The selection is done by a Selection Committee which consists of the following:-

1. Principal Secretary to the Govt., Department of Social Welfare - Chairman.

2. Secretary to the Govt. (Expenditure), Finance Dept. - Member.

3. Deputy Secretary to the Govt. (Higher Education) , Dept of Public Instruction - Member.

4. Director of Social Welfare - Member Secretary