Employment And Training Schemes


Government have issued a Notification dated 21 -11-2001 in which Special Rules are framed with regard to identification and filling of Backlog vacancies. These rules were amended and issued on   1-6-2002 . As per these rules, various Government Departments, Boards and Corporations, Universities, Co-operative Institution, Aided Institutions, Companies Etc., Have identified Backlog vacancies with the help of the Social Welfare Department. The following table gives details of vacancies in different institutions, SC/ST wise.

As per Special Notification Dated : 21.11.2001 the Social Welfare Department has identified the following Backlog posts in various Government Departments / Boards/ Corporations/ Co-Operative institutions and Universities etc., The details of posts Identified and Filled and To be filled is as follows:-

Sl. No Particular - SC ST Total
1. Backlog posts identified as on 21.11.2001 - 14624 4491 19115
2. Backlog posts already filled - 12388 3562 15950
3. Balance of Backlog posts to be filled - 2236 929 3165
4. Out of the balance of post to be filled, as there is no vacancies to fill up these posts are reserved for future appointment. - 1560 627 2187
5. Due to financial crises and closures of some institutions, these  posts are exempted from filling - 150 60 210
6. Balance to be notified and filled - 526 242 768