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Caste Certificate

INTRODUCTION In order to avail the reservation benefits by SC/STs they are supposed to produce Caste certificate.
DESCRIPTION The Karnataka SC/ST/OBC (Reservation in Appointment) Act 1990 and rules 1992 have provided for reservation of appointments or posts in favour of SC/ST and OBC in State Civil Services and establishment in public sector and in admission to Universities and Educational Institutions established or maintained or Aided by State Govt.


The Candidate has to submit an application in Form A to the Tahsildar concerned for issue of caste certificate and the Tahsildar, after verification will issue caste certificate or reject the claim within a period to 2 months from the date of receipt of application. Any person aggrieved by the orders of the Tahsildar may file an appeal before the Asst. Commissioner who will pass appropriate order within a month of filing appeal. The caste certificate issued to SC/ST person is valid till it is cancelled by the authority who has issued.

In order to claim the benefit of reservation in technical and professional courses of study and also for appointment in service or posts under Govt. or an establishment in Public Sector, the candidate has to submit an application in Form No 1. for verification of caste to the Caste Verification committee of the District. The Committee after examining the school records, certificates of relatives, sisters/brothers/parents as required for verification and such other relevant materials and found to be in order will issue validity certificate in Form No1A, within one month from the date of receipt of application and if it is found that the candidate has obtained a false caste certificate, it will pass an order rejecting the application indicating the reason. The validity certificate issued by the Caste Verification Committee shall be valid for the purpose of education, and employment until it is cancelled or until he changes his religious faith which ever is earlier. This validity certificate is a must for fresh appointments and the appointing authorities are not supposed to issue appointment order until, he receives the validity certificate as per Rule 9 of the SC/ST & OBC (reservation in appointment etc) rules 1992. the SC/ST caste list for Karnataka State as published by GOI in 1977 is given in the    SC Caste List

As per the constitutional Amendment Act 1900, a Scheduled Caste person professing Buddhist religion is also eligible to get SC Certificate.

WHOM TO APPROACH Dist Joint Director/Deputy Director of the concerned district may be contacted for any enquiry in this regard. In case of delay the Deputy commissioner of the concerned dist may be contacted.